What modern medicine can do: innovative treatment abroad

One of the main goals of travel abroad for treatment is to receive high-tech medical services that are not available at home. The medical tourism operator Booking Health organizes treatment abroad in the best clinics in the world.

“Now you have access to the latest procedures and operations, which appeared just a few years ago and have proven themselves in developed countries,” – notes the operator of medical tourism.

Why innovative treatments are better

One of the obvious reasons, according to the operator’s representatives, is its efficiency. In addition, sometimes other benefits come to the fore:

• low risk of complications;
• minimal invasiveness and the ability to avoid traumatic surgery;
• fast recovery;
• better quality of life after treatment, prevention of disability.

“For life-threatening illnesses, some innovative treatments simply have no alternative. For example, for metastatic forms of cancer, the latest types of immunotherapy (TIL, CAR T-therapy) are used abroad. If successful, they allow to achieve complete disappearance of the primary tumor and all metastases “, – say the representatives of the operator.

An example is the treatment of prostate cancer with radionuclides (for example, Lutetium-177): “Radioactive substances are introduced into the body, which themselves“ find ”the tumor, all its metastases, accumulate in them and destroy them with radiation from the inside. This treatment works even in the most advanced cases of the disease, when chemotherapy and hormone therapy are unsuccessful. “

Treatment with innovative methods is often used to avoid traumatic intervention: “Prosthetics of heart valves can be performed using the classic open surgery, with sternotomy (sternum dissection), connecting to a heart-lung machine. After such an operation, you need to recover for several months. But there is an alternative – minimally invasive intervention through a small incision in the leg. Doctors deliver the artificial valve to the heart through the blood vessels. It is this approach that is used in developed countries in most patients for aortic valve replacement, and in some clinics, transcatheter mitral valve replacement operations have already begun.

Another example is the removal of a brain tumor. Classical surgery in the case of a deep location of the neoplasm may be unsafe. In European clinics, when removing a brain tumor, doctors destroy it with a laser, without large incisions – through a hole in the skull with a diameter of slightly more than 3 mm and under the control of MRI.

How to get innovative treatment abroad

Only a small number of developed countries are developing and implementing innovative treatment methods. In countries with a low level of medicine, they appear with a delay of 10-20 years.

Most people cannot wait that long. Fortunately, this is not necessary, because with the development of medical tourism, every person, regardless of where they live, has gained access to high-tech medical care. Booking Health will help you organize your trip abroad.

Booking Health has been working in the medical tourism market for over 10 years. The company has already become one of the leaders in this area, and in 2017, for the first time in the world among services for the selection of treatment abroad, it received the prestigious ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

Today Booking Health has contracts with hundreds of clinics around the world. The company’s specialists constantly monitor the results of their activities, selecting only the best medical institutions. Using the services of Booking Health, you can get the highest level of care, including the use of the latest medical advances.

With the help of the Booking Health service, you can find a suitable clinic, compare prices and book a medical program at a profit: here are the best hospitals in Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Austria, South Korea and other developed countries.


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Author: Chief Editor