Wellness tip of the week: check up regularly

Health has become a priority for many this year. Due to the pandemic, we often think about immunity and the general condition of the body. However, the best way to stay healthy and active is to take preventive measures and do full body checkups regularly. Tests can identify the risk of developing diseases long before the onset of symptoms.

The standard diagnostic checkup program includes: general tests, ECG (a study that allows you to identify pathologies of the heart), measurement of cholesterol level (indicates the risk of developing heart and vascular diseases), measurement of blood sugar for diagnosing diabetes, ultrasound of the abdominal organs. The complete examination of the body is completed by the consultation of the therapist: the doctor explains the results to the patient. During the consultation, the doctor gives recommendations regarding the lifestyle, if necessary, refers to a narrow specialist.

A basic checkup program allows you to assess your health and make sure that you are not threatened with any of the common serious diseases.

Author: Chief Editor