Trump And Putin Smoking Marijuana Not Kissing Anymore

Trump and Putin smoking marijuana nowadays on street mural. The most internationally recognized piece of street art in Vilnius history – U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are kissing on the side of a barbecue restaurant – has come back to the Lithuanian capital!

Trump and Putin Smoking Marijuana

The original was painted on the wall outside Keule Ruke, a smokehouse in Vilnius’ progressively modern and alternative New Town, and unfortunately vandalized some weeks earlier.

Undeterred by this, and determined to adhere to their concepts of flexibility, liberty, and individual voice, Keule Ruke owner, Dominykas Ceckauskas, and regional artist Mindaugas Bonanu have actually struck back by re-painting the artwork, this time with a pro-legalisation message.

The newest version, “Trump and Putin smoking marijuana,” shows the two men sharing a joint, and Trump blowing smoke into Putin’s mouth. The original piece featured a play on words from Trump’s election campaign, with Bonanu and Ceckauskas replacing “Make America Great Again,” with “Make Everything Great Again.” This time, the brand-new artwork takes on a pro-legalisation style with “high” being painted in green, to symbolize both Ceckauskas’ and Bonanno’s pro-cannabis stance and legalization of marijuana.

Make Everything Great Again Between Russia and America

“This time we have actually utilized Trump as a symbol of the USA due to the fact that the legalization of marijuana motion over there is actually growing,” said Bonanu. “More than half of the United States states have actually legislated medicinal marijuana. “Colorado is rapidly blooming into the Silicon Valley for marijuana startups, and they contribute considerably to the state by paying high taxes to the state budget. In Eastern Europe, we have the reverse scenario entirely, since cannabis is mostly criminalized in this part of the world. “Most of the medical community here hesitates to talk about the medical advantages of the plant – so much, that researchers are banned from conducting the clinical research study into how it can enhance the lives of those who experience cancer, epilepsy, and diabetes. “We believe that now is the right moment to stop this war on marijuana, and we require a practical, peaceful, discussion concerning how it can improve lives, and legalization of marijuana be sensibly introduced into our society,” he concluded.


The artwork has actually also received the full backing of Vilnius Mayor, and leader of the Lithuanian Liberal party, Remigijus Simasius, who commented: “Vilnius is a city that has consistently had a long tradition of freedom and liberty, and we were the first city to light bonfires and torches versus the Soviets as we combated for our self-reliance in the dying days of the USSR.” “Vilnius is a city that promotes its young and creative people, and is a city in which street art of all kinds is valued.” “Vilnius is also a city where you can criticize famous political and public figures without worry of reprisal and is a city where the individually is complementary to do what they desire about their lifestyle choices.”

Author: Hemingway