The woman who shocked the network with the brutal murder of an owl was shot outside her house

Colombian resident Mileidis Aldana, nicknamed the “Owl Killer”, was shot dead outside her home in Corozal by two unidentified men who drove up on a motorcycle. They fired six bullets at their victim who was leaving the door and disappeared. According to the New York Post, the 21-year-old woman was taken to hospital by her family members after hearing the shots. But the doctors could only state death.

In June of this year, Aldana shocked the network by posting a video in which she brutally kills an owl by cutting off its head. Then she, smiling, posed with the corpse of a bird.

The video, which became widespread in Latin America, caused a storm of indignation. Aldana was accused of cruelty to animals. Mileidis was interrogated by the police in this case, but she was never officially charged. The Colombian woman has repeatedly received threats on social networks.


Author: Chief Editor