The fortune teller predicted that Prince Harry would soon return to the UK alone

Jemima Packington from the British city of Bath, who calls herself the world’s only asparamancer (that is, an asparagus fortuneteller, also called asparagus), made a prediction for 2021. According to the Daily Star, 64-year-old Jemima, Prince Harry will soon return to the UK. And one – without his wife Meghan Markle. Whether this situation will be temporary or permanent – the fortuneteller is still at a loss to answer.

Packington makes predictions based on how the asparagus stalks she scatters will fall in front of her. Earlier, she made the correct prediction about Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union and the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May. About a year ago, she also predicted “loss” in the royal family. Now it is believed that it was a miscarriage, which, as it became known, Meghan Markle suffered in July this year. Or about the “divorce” of Prince Harry and Meghan from the royal family.

According to Jemima, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are getting rich, and since they both see the US as their home, their role in Britain will be “minimal.”

True, although the asparamenser herself claims that her predictions come true in 75-90% of cases, she also made annoying blunders. So, she promised that Harry and Megan would have twins – a boy and a girl. And only a boy will turn out. And she also assured that Donald Trump would be re-elected by the Americans for a second term. And then he will leave his post as a result of impeachment. However, in reality, it turned out that Trump would have to vacate the presidency without waiting for impeachment.

Earlier it was reported that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have struck a new deal and will launch their own podcast, which irritated social media users.

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Author: Chief Editor