The builder of “Jurassic Park” maimed by a giant lizard, tearing him off “several body parts”

The Indonesian Elias Agas, who took part in the construction of Jurassic Park on Rincha Island, was attacked by a giant lizard – the Komodo dragon, also called the Komodo dragon. Elias, 46, severely injured, was urgently hospitalized. According to the Independent, the monitor lizard tore off “several parts of the body.”

Komodo monitor lizards reach three meters in length and can weigh over 70 kilograms.

Jurassic Park (inspired by the dinosaur park from the movie of the same name) plans to house about a thousand Komodo dragons. There are no more than 5700 of them left in the world. Most of them live on the Komodo island – next to the Rincha island.

The Indonesian government has decided to build a Jurassic Park on Rincha Island, which is part of Komodo National Park, to protect the world’s largest and most threatened lizards. At the same time, the new tourist facility is expected to replenish the country’s treasury.

Indonesia announced last year that a visit to Komodo Island would cost $ 1,000. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there were essentially no tourists at all.


Author: Chief Editor