The Struggle Is Real For Samsung – Note 7 Exploded And Caught Fire

The South Korean electronics giant suspended sales of its gizmos on Friday, merely two weeks after the flagship phone’s launch, after discovering batteries of some of the  Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded and caught fire while they were charging.

“There was a tiny problem in the manufacturing process, so it was tough to find out,” Koh said at a news conference.

Koh Dong-jin, president of Samsung’s mobile company, stated consumers who had actually currently purchased Note 7 would be able to switch them for brand-new smart devices, regardless of when they acquired them. Samsung reported it had actually offered more than a million Note 7 smart devices considering that the item’s August 19 launch.

Some buyers reported their phones exploded or caught fire while charging, sharing the photos of scorched phones on social media. Samsung said it had confirmed 36 such cases in South Korea and overseas. There have been no reports of injuries related to the problem.

Samsung is dedicated to producing the greatest quality items, and we take every event report from our valued consumers extremely seriously. Since our customers’ security is an outright top priority at Samsung, we have actually stopped sales of the Galaxy Note7. For consumers who currently have Galaxy Note7 gadgets, we will willingly change their present device with a brand-new one over the coming weeks.

The Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is the latest iteration of Samsung’s Note series, which features a giant screen and a stylus. The Note smartphones are among the most expensive released by Samsung and usually inherit designs and features of the Galaxy S series. Samsung also added an iris scanner to Note 7, which lets users unlock the phone by detecting patterns in the eyes.

Samsung launched the Note 7 on August 19 in some markets. Even before the issue of battery explosions emerged, supplies were not keeping up with higher-than-expected demand for the smartphone.

What about Samsung backup?

Is there anything that actually backs up all of your customization (ringtones, time of day changes, home screen layout, sidebar layout, in-app settings, and app-defaults) and logs you into the seemingly many individual app logins? Can’t you just back it up before returning the phone and it restores all of that?
Samsung Cloud has been praised by Android Police for its stellar device back and restore feature.

Sucks for them – they rushed this phone out the door to launch before competitors and ended up not having enough time for proper QC by the looks of things.

It sucks they aren’t able to just track the effected phones down. They said it was less than 0.0024% of sold phones and only cause a particular type of battery (apparently they used different battery manufacturers in some of the phones). Probably would have saved them the headache of recalling ALL the phones sold if they didn’t rush it. They did say they had way more sales than anticipated but it doesn’t mean to cut corners to this extent.

It feels like a small number, but bear in mind that over 2 million phones have shipped so far. That means that at 0.0024% there are potentially 48 phones in the wild at risk of exploding for every 2 million sold.

If it were 1%, then there would be 20,000 exploding phones in the wild per 2 million…

Sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will continue in China, despite the halt elsewhere in the globe. But why?

Most likely because the Chinese sourced batteries are safe. The Korean source ones are affected.

China, where the Note 7 went on sale on Thursday, is not affected by the sales suspension. The company said it used a battery made by another supplier for Note 7 sold in China. The Hong Kong launch of the smartphone went ahead on Friday.

Note 7s are being pulled from shelves in 10 countries, including South Korea and the United States.

Author: Hemingway