Salma Hayek Is 50 Years Old Already We Don’t Believe It

Salma Hayek is 50!

There comes a time in life when some of the simple pleasures have to be given up, to fend off the dreaded middle-age spread – and even Salma Hayek is 50 today however is not immune.
The stunning Mexican actress, renowned for her hour-glass figure, posted an Instagram picture of herself enjoying an enormous three-scoop ice cream but declared that ahead of a landmark birthday in September, it was to be her last.
There’s no hope for the rest of us, then!
Someone has their final gelato for a while. Amazingly this beauty is marking a milestone birthday, so of course, she deserved a sweet treat in addition to the beautiful vacation in France she’s enjoyed for the last few days this summer.

“I’m almost 50 in a few weeks, and this is my last gelato. Diet starts tomorrow,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

Author: Hemingway