Russian Kardashian Anastasiya Kvitko

This Russian Model Has the Most Mind-blowing Curves on the Planet

“Russian Kardashian,” or Anastasia Kvitko. Meet the Russian Kim Kardashian who ignored demands to lose weight and now has 4.3 Million Instagram fans on her official account and 400 K instafollow on the second one. Anastasiya Kvitko, renowned for racy photos showing off her curvy figure, refused to slim down when her agency told her to.

Honestly, we don’t know much about Anastasiya Kvitko. We stumbled across her Instagram account during our ongoing search for the network’s hidden beauties, and she certainly meets our criteria for our famous Instagram favorites.

Meet the Russian Kardashian

This Russian Kardashian has, without a doubt, the most absolutely fabulous curves we’ve ever seen on a living human being (Kim Kardashian notwithstanding, for obvious reasons). After browsing her Instagram feed, we’re still not sure  who she works for — and we couldn’t care less. Have a look at her remarkable stats:

  • Anastasiya Kvitko, 21, originally from Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea
  • She is now based in Miami
  • Has 37.4-inch bust, 24.8-inch waist, and 41.3-inch hips
  • First modeling agency suggested she lose weight, but she refused
  • Denies having surgery and says she keeps in shape by going to the gym

Her fantastic body has actually gotten the interest of Playboy. Millions of fans are following her on social media. Since the last count, her number of fans online has gone beyond an astounding 4 million. And for sure after mentioning her Instagram accounts in GOSTRA numbers will even be bigger.  And that is without Russian Kardashian acting in any major movie hits or blockbusters.

Anastasiya Kvitko is among the current most popular models to come from Russia. Her curved figure has attracted a legion of insta-hoards and is starting to gather lots of cosmetic surgery rumors. Her set of big breasts and sticking out butt have triggered reports of a boob job and butt augmentation. Likewise known as Anastasia Kvitko, her sensual curves, with her various selfies, has actually made her an instantaneous Instagram star. Model dubbed the Russian Kim Kardashian has put her millions of fans down to the fact she refused to lose weight.

But when the 21-year-old first relocated to Miami – her modeling agency told her to lose weight.

She refused to do so and hasn’t looked back.

“I don’t know why now myself, there is such a boom for Kim Kardashian, which they themselves chose to compare me to her.”

“When I was 17 years old, I was noticed by famous fashion photographer Anvar Norov, and after that, I liked being a model and advanced this path,” she said.

“Plus, photographers themselves wrote to me, offering to photograph me, looking at my outstanding complexion.”

She is ready for more fame on Kim Kardashian’s coattails.

“Yes, of course, since I get a lot of offers from advertisement agencies here in the US, and such great popularity is nearby,” she stated.

The Russian model denied that she had – or planned to – use plastic surgery, despite social media speculation that she enlarged her breasts.

“The only thing I put time into is sports, so I spend a lot of time in the fitness center,” she said.

“I am not going to change anything because I am for being natural. But I don’t look at cosmetic surgery negatively.

“If a person truly has drawbacks, they can turn to plastic surgical treatment, if it actually makes them happier.

“I consider myself perfect, and therefore don’t want to alter anything.”

She said: “I believe that in a modern woman, everything ought to be the best”.

Anastasiya is often compared with Kim Kardashian, who is a famous TV personality in the United States. Though she is not as famous as Kim Kardashian yet, if she continues to amass such robust fan base, it is just a matter of time she gets noticed.

Can she actually replace Kim Kardashian?

Let’s see if she turns up in any of the chat shows in America. Do you believe Anastasiya Kvitko plastic surgery rumors hold true? Let us know what you think about Russian Kardashian in the comments below.
“And also, I sleep on my stomach, people often write to me in comments, how does she sleep on her belly with such breasts, but it’s easy, it’s what I do.”

Her last sentence must have kept you questioning for a few seconds huh.

Asked is her shape posed health problems for her, she said: “Because I am crazy for sport, I exercise my back and my whole body, so there are no problems if you strengthen muscles.”

Anastasiya Kvitko denies ever having any plastic surgery though she does not oppose cosmetic surgery.
It is suggested that Anastasiya keeps her buttocks lifted by doing routine workouts and by going to the fitness center. Nevertheless, taking a look at the apparent butt just she has, it is extremely possible that she has aimed to enhance her rump utilizing butt implants. If she were to be a natural charm, we must say that God is actually kind to let her have such best curves.

Author: Hemingway