Pregnant Dancing Millionaire Beauty From Baku, Azerbaijan – The New Star Of Instagram

Today’s post will be a continuation of our’s favorite popular Instagram hashtags list.

Cheerful Italian Gianluca Vacca, incendiary dancing with his wife, was not the only hero of the Instagram, a video that is viewed by millions of people.
Six digits likes had been collected by Mimi Iconn – a girl who loves spontaneous dances with her husband Alex Iconn. What is her distinct advantage over the Italian millionaire?

First, she is millionaire herself. Famous Entrepreneur and YouTube sensation. So there is no difference here.
Second, the fact that she is expecting, and to be exact – at the 9th month of her pregnancy (a video in which the future mother in a red dress is dancing, got more than a million views, and this is not the end yet!).

In addition to dance videos on the @mimiikonn page, you can see that Mimi leads an active life, even during the last month of pregnancy: rides a bike and does not stop gym training. The latter, by the way, not all followers approve and advise the expecting mother to take it easy.

Author: Hemingway