Do Not Forget Ladies That On Sunday August 28 Is Go Topless Day

What You Need to Know About USA Go Topless Day

Go Topless Day—the annual event put on by a religious movement that believes in extraterrestrials and equal nipple rights—returns to Venice this upcoming weekend.

August 26, marked the 95th anniversary of what most historians see as the signature victory of the women’s suffrage movement: the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

What’s that got to do with Topless Day, which takes place two days later, on Sunday, August 28, with a crowd of the hundreds (or millions maybe) expected to participate in?


Supporters of National Topless Day and other events associated with the national Free the Nipple movement see the notion that it’s okay for men to appear topless in public but either distasteful or (in some states) illegal for the average woman to do likewise as inherently unfair and unconscionable. But that doesn’t mean National Topless Day is a heavy event in which fun is forbidden owing to the seriousness of the situation.
People say, ‘Minds won’t change about this,’ but they will. Men used to have to wear tops on the beach until they protested about it, so it’s the same kind of thing. To us, some of the most dangerous words in the English language are, ‘We’re doing it like this because that’s the way it’s always been done.’ And that’s unacceptable.

August 28th will be the day every straight guy in America suddenly becomes a feminist for a day. Not to strengthen violence against women laws or to expand access to birth control or even to increase funding for WIC. Because who needs that, right?


But all jokes aside, topfreedom (or the lack thereof) is an example of discrimination against women and we completely support topfreedom for women (what guy wouldn’t).
We understand the need for spectacle in protests since a big part of a protest is getting attention, but we do worry about things like this devolving into just cool eye candy and thirst traps for Instagram that doesn’t really do much to address the laws against topfreedom.

Maybe along with the protests, certain groups also plan to lobby lawmakers to convince them to rescind laws. It takes style and substance.

As nice as the thought of equality is we are not a supporter of this. We didn’t know anything about this until last year when we mistakenly brought our children to the beach on free the nipple day. We think everyone should wear swimsuits on the beach men and women.

The annual event held to support the right of women to go topless in public on gender-equality grounds. On this day is celebrated topless freedom laws or are held protests where it is prohibited that women could walk, run or be topless like men can do.

Go Topless day for women is also going to be baggy pants and thick sunglasses day for men. #GoToplessDay girls are funny. Tell a girl she can get a raise if she comes to work without a top on. You get sued for sexual harassment. Have to sit through a boring class. But to prove their equality to men. They go to a beach topless. We’re not saying we support this or that we don’t support this. All we’re saying is the logic behind this is stupid.

Author: Hemingway