Naked Katy Perry At Polling Station

Her sweetheart Orlando Bloom just recently brought in headings when he has actually photographed paddle boarding in the nude throughout the couple’s summertime vacation. Now naked Katy Perry appears to be taking a leaf out of her British beau’s book, after stripping naked in a brand-new Funny Or Die video urging fans to enact the United States general election.
In the clip, the 31-year-old singer is seen waking from her rest sporting patriotic pajamas and untidy bed hair, complete with popcorn and a lollipop as she declares: ‘I’ve got some great news: This year, you can appear like s *** when you vote.’

Naked Katy Perry at polling station

Katy, an avid Hillary Clinton advocate, then walks to her polling station, passing other citizens in their nightwear as she discusses: ‘Yep, I’ve briefly scanned the Constitution, and no place does it say that you can’t just roll out of bed and concern the polls in whatever state you awakened in.’

‘In the name of democracy, any just-out-of-bed look is A-OK.’

She then proceeds to give examples of what is acceptable, including kid’s onesie, hunk in kid’s briefs, that complimentary XL, T-shirt you obtained from your bank and covered in slime.

Hillary supporter states: ‘This year, you can look like s *** when you vote.’

The video was released on Tuesday, and a day earlier, Katy sent out a tweet and a teaser image, stating that she wanted to change the world with her clip.
The tweet published together with the still checked out: ‘TOMORROW, I USE MY BODY AS CLICK BAIT TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD.’

The I Kissed A Girl Singer then spices things up a notch as she states: ‘Or if you’re like me, I sleep naked,’ before ripping away her pajamas to go nude.
With bars securing her modesty, Katy smiles cheekily at the video camera as fellow citizens gasp and a man behind her drops to the ground in awe.
‘Yep, let those babies loose,’ she booms, before a set of law enforcement officer strolled over, with one cutting in: ‘Alright, ma’am. That’s enough of that.’

‘No, I read the Constitution, and I know I can vote naked’, she protests, to which the other jailing officer reacts:

‘Did you read it, or did you just briefly scan it?’

Katy is then led to a patrol car, where she finds herself sharing the rear seat with a buff and shirtless Joel McHale, who reacts:

‘You too?’

Leaning from the window, Naked Katy Perry screams to the camera, before being blended away: ‘Scratch that. Got ta wears clothes. My bad. See you at the polls November 8th.’

The singer then states: ‘Or, if you’re like me, I sleep naked,’ before ripping away her pajamas to go nude

The Dark Horse hitmaker is a very singing fan of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.
The US Presidential debate was broadcast on the same day as the Roar hitmaker published her naked video still, and the star had no hesitation in tweeting her ideas on the event, expressing her love and support for the 68-year-old prospect.
Since yet, it is uncertain how Naked Katy Perry intends to ‘alter the world’ with her actions. However, she just recently revealed that a person of the main things she is interested in is the enhancement of women’s rights.
Asked just recently on Twitter what she wanted to hear Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump debate, she said: ‘National security, gun control, authorities reform, excess imprisonment and females’ rights.’

Author: Hemingway