Monica Bellucci Nude

She is one of the sexiest women in the world and unlike some other chicks with great bodies and beautiful faces, she oozes sexual magnetism from every pore and angle. This is a natural born talent hard to acquire through surgery or posturing. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re talking about the legendary Monica Bellucci. Monica Bellucci nude to be exact.

Monica Bellucci Nude On Paris Match Cover

This Italian goddess loves to get naked in front of the camera. She was born to flaunt that amazing body. She knows everyone wants to see more. She knows everyone can’t get any satisfaction. Monica Bellucci naked can be find in a ton of nude photoshoots all the way back when she was only famous in Italy till right now. We also can see Monica Bellucci naked in over 95% of all her movies. For a legit actress in non-softcore/pornos, this has to be some kind of record. It has to be.

Monica Bellucci nudes facts:

  • She was last seen naked only a few months ago at the age of 51. Monica Bellucci nude photos are from Paris Match magazine 2016
  • Her first nude pictures were from an Amica IT magazine (1987) when she was 22 years old
  • We list more than four different sets of nude pictures in her biography. This usually means she has done a lot of nudity so you won’t have any trouble finding her naked

Monica Bellucci is 52 on September 30th!

Relatively fresh off of her turn as a Bond girl in SPECTRE, Monica Bellucci continues in her quest to prove to the whole world she’s still got the sexy in sufficient quantities for anyone’s needs. We are not prepared to argue with her assertions there – not after seeing her taking a skinny dip in someone’s pool in the new Paris Match magazine. She’s 52 this month, on September 30th, which is probably significantly older than most of us here. Still, We are going to go ahead and assume everyone here, not Vincent Cassel totally would, had they the opportunity. Even Vince probably still does. He just needed a break. Constantly being compelled to bang Monica probably starts to mess with your health the older you get.

So what do you’ll think? Any holdouts about getting with Monica? Maybe if we show you what she used to look like, say 30 or so years ago?

Author: Hemingway