Law on deprivation of citizenship adopted in Belarus

Olga Koptyakova

12:53, Today



The Belarusian authorities have adopted a law according to which people can be deprived of citizenship for “extremist activity” and “causing harm to state interests.” At the same time, a person can lose citizenship even if he has only one and there are no guarantees to obtain it in another state. Previously, this could not be allowed. Details – in the material Inform-UA.

It was noted that the new law does not apply to indigenous Belarusians; it can only be applied to those people who have received citizenship during their lifetime. The Belarusian citizenship can be deprived in the event that a person is charged under a number of criminal articles related to terrorist activities, incitement of interracial, ethnic or religious hatred; mercenary activities; participation in the creation of armed formations.

Belarus In addition, the citizenship of Belarus can now be deprived for participation in the riots; acts considered as treason to the state or conspiracy to seize power. The reasons also include sabotage activities or calls, which will be regarded as a threat to the country’s national security. Those who take part in hostilities outside Belarus will also be deprived of their citizenship.

Among the innovations, there are a number of previously unacceptable reasons. People who are under suspicion, accused, or have already been convicted in criminal cases can lose their citizenship. In addition, those who have accumulated tax arrears or other obligations are also at risk of being left without a certain citizenship.

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The most interesting thing is that the actions of demonstrators opposing the current government can be “tied” to many points. And one more thing: the President of Belarus has the right to revoke citizenship according to the adopted law.

Along with this, those wishing to become citizens of this country have reduced the period of residence in it to five years (previously there were seven).

Changes to the law on citizenship will come into force in 6 months.

Despite all the measures taken by the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and his regime to maintain power, the protests are becoming more crowded, more and more workers are joining the strikes.

To resist them, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus engages the Russian siloviki. An agreement has already been reached with the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation “on holding joint training sessions and exercises.” Within the framework of this cooperation, Russian and Belarusian security forces will maintain order in Belarus and fight manifestations of terrorism and extremism.

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