Japan and US are hit by snow and storm, fatalities

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15:05, Yesterday



In many countries of the world the elements continue to rage. Japan is suffering from a snow storm, the United States of America is covered by snowfalls, there are casualties, writes Inform-UA.

In Japan, as Inform-UA has already reported, snowfalls accompanied by hurricane winds do not stop for several days. For two days, precipitation fell three to four times higher than normal. Fifteen people were injured in Akita and Niigata provinces.

Pennsylvania accident

The height of snow cover in settlements in some places reaches two meters. Traffic is blocked on many roads in Japan. Cars stand on highways in congestion, the length of which is about sixteen kilometers. Many drivers had to stand on the highways all night without traffic from December 16 to 17.

About ten thousand houses were left without power supply. On the roofs of buildings there are snow caps about half a meter high.

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Due to snowfalls, train traffic was canceled on a number of routes, and there were problems with air traffic.

The Japanese government has created a special working group that will coordinate the actions of rescuers and utility workers to eliminate the consequences of the natural disaster.

In Pennsylvania, a snowstorm caused a massive accident involving sixty vehicles, killing two people. Many people received injuries of varying severity.

Weather conditions, according to forecasts of meteorologists, will continue to deteriorate. It is expected that up to sixty centimeters of snow will fall, wind gusts will reach eighty kilometers per hour. Due to snow storms, the New York authorities have already stopped classes in educational institutions.

Meanwhile, weather conditions worsened in Washington, Maryland, California and Virginia – due to sleet and ice, traffic problems arose.

The authorities of the United States of America ask citizens to refrain from long trips if possible, and if they cannot be avoided, be especially vigilant on the roads, foreign media write.

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