Iranian Hulk Aka Persian Hercules Instagram Sensation

Sajad Gharibi 24-year-old weightlifter — the Iranian Hulk weighing more than 330 lbs (155 kg)

Because of his enormous size, he has quite deservedly got the nickname “Iranian Hulk.”

Sajad poses on roof to show the improbable sizes

Sajad takes part in powerlifting competitions. Also, he participated in bodybuilding competitions in which he presented the country. Also, he is called “the Iranian Hercules.”

His massive frame and bulging muscles have earned him the name of Hercules or Hulk.

He can lift more than he weighs which is 180kg, and competes in the powerlifting category of competitions.
Persian Hulk (another nickname) has 179K followers on Instagram where he posts about what he does best – fierce expressions.
In his Instagram account, Persian Hercules does not show the food allowance or the training. Instead, he just publishes the huge amount of gobsmacking topless photos of himself and unpretentious pictures of his everyday life.

Persian Hulk Instagram account @sajadgharibii

He writes in Persian, however, utilizes English hashtags such as #powerful#strongbody#big#strongman, and #mucsles. Considering that acquiring the insta-hoards on his social media accounts, the Iranian Hulk has quickly ended up being an internet sensation as netizens reveal their awe at his remarkable build.

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Little is known of the Iranian Hulk’s personal life.

There are too many outstanding men and huge men in the world. However, Sajad Gharibi from Iran is different.

Sajad is a power-lifter, which is a sport that consists of lifting heavy weights in 3 positions. The sport is a much loved one and practiced amongst all bodybuilders worldwide.However, Sajad Gharibi has in fact developed his body to a severe level for his game. Taking a look at this Persian Hulk, can you even remotely guess his age?

He’s simply 24 years of ages! And at that young age, he has the body most bodybuilders can just dream.

His weight is a massive 155 kg, and the majority of his muscle mass remains in his arms, shoulders, and his upper torso. He apparently works out every day and the boy he’s so huge no wonder; he’s also called as the Persian Hulk! Oh, and apart from his Herculesness – he’s also well-known for having no neck.

And if you were frightened by his size and thought that just similar to Hulk, he might go into destruction mode anytime, you thought incorrect!

This giant is simply as sweet and human as any of us. While he lives to lift weights, he also leads a really typical life where he clicks images and reminds us just how small we are in front of him.

Gharibi, nicknamed the “Iranian Hulk” and “Persian Hercules”, went viral after people found his unbelievable Instagram page. He’s a real-life caricature. Gharibi is angling for a tryout with WWE and tagged Triple H in one of his pictures, and we cannot stop thinking about seeing him in the exact same ring with a small high-flyer like Kalisto.

Author: Hemingway