Instagram Favorites Accounts You Should Definitely Follow To Get Inspired

Instagram has introduced us to some of the most amazing, inspirational people and organizations that we wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to connect with! And happily adding her account to our Instagram Favorites Accounts You Should Definitely Follow To Get Inspired.
We recently came across Julia Borzucka from Poland. She dreamed of being a violinist, but a hand injury quickly changed her plans.

Nowadays she digitally creates some drawings on photos of the digital design on photographs depicting tourist sites found on the Internet. Her images are full of giants, animals, and objects that invade the real world with incredibly exciting colors and shapes.

In the magical world of Julia, a girl is able to catch a plane in the air, a huge hamster uses the London Eye as a hamster wheel, and space between skyscrapers becomes the perfect place to put jogging giant.

Only using her tablet, she transforms iconic places like Golden Gate in San Francisco, Central Park in New York or the London Eye in London, as a backdrop for her entertaining stories achieved create entirely different and captivating landscapes.

Her creations broadcast on Instagram quickly became viral.

Look at some of your creations galleries and to monitor the work of the artist, just follow the Instagram @borzucka.

Author: Hemingway