Instagram Favorites Accounts You Should Definitely Follow In 2016 To Get Inspired

We’re so excited to introduce this fun new blog series!!! We’ve had the idea for a little while now to share some of our Instagram favorites with you… and well, we’ve decided to do it finally! We think it’s pretty safe to say that Instagram has become a daily part of so many peoples lives… and while we definitely believe in having a healthy social media balance, Instagram has introduced us to some of the most amazing, inspirational people and organizations that we wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to connect with!
We recently came across a 15-year-old self-taught makeup shapeshifter whose ideas are so inspiring that we’re pretty much already planning our costumes for the next decade.

We thought it would be fitting to make the first round of Instagram favorites all about BODY ART! Take a peek and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

Kate Werner, AKA @beautygonebad. The talented teen is a “self-taught makeup shapeshifter, SFX, bodypaints, glam, and everything in between!” which we’d call a 100% accurate description. Her feed with almost 48K followers completely blew us away – and if you’re anything like us, you won’t be able to stop scrolling. She’s experimented with transformations ranging from the glam (Selena Gomez) to the terrifyingly gory, so there’s no shortage of inspiration, whatever your aesthetic may be. We rounded up eight of our favorite looks below, so start double tapping and saving to your Halloween inspiration board immediately!

In her own words”

My name is Kate Werner. Inspired by artists in YouTube videos and social media, I began doing makeup art about two years ago. And around a year ago, I started uploading my makeup creations onto my Instagram account, BeautyGoneBad. Until this point, I never really found a passion or something to keep me busy. I didn’t fit in with sports or clubs, but I found art was something I was interested in. I liked drawing and painting, but it took a while for me to discover body art.
Creative makeup Art took my favorite things, makeup, and painting, and put them together. It’s like having an entirely reusable canvas, and you can turn yourself into anything or anyone you want. That’s why I like to call myself a “makeup shapeshifter.” Depending on the makeup, or how motivated I feel, makeup can take from an hour to 10 hours. It’s kind of a whole day to deal. I usually start around noon and finish at night. It doesn’t bother me to spend all day doing something I love, though. I love doing makeup so much that I hope to one day do it as a career! It took a while for my parents to realize how serious I was about it, and we’ve already started exploring school options.

I’m currently in high school, and I’m involved in the theater department at my school, doing things with makeup crew and backstage stuff. It’s made me realize how important makeup is for productions in theater and film, and that’s what I hope to do. I want to do makeup for movies and TV and create characters. Makeup has changed my life for the better, and I hope it continues to do so for as long as it can.

Author: Hemingway