We Are Being Told Of An “Impending” Quake In California

BREAKING! California Government Official Insider – We are told of an “impending” quake in California Scientists expect it within 60 days. A massive earthquake. The Southern end of San Andreas fault. A scientist named Tom Jordan is expecting something big. New data came up Friday night, and everyone is on high alert. Only Gov folks are getting this, not the public. They seem inevitable, and they expect 7.1 or bigger, which could be deadly as hell. They will be doing phantom drills on this within weeks.

Oklahoma has experienced an increase in earthquakes during the past few years, registering 2-1/2 earthquakes daily of magnitude 3 or greater – a seismicity rate 600 times higher than before 2008, according to the Oklahoma Geological Survey. An earthquake in Oklahoma on Sept. 3 was the strongest on record in the state and had a magnitude of 5.8, the U.S. Geological Survey said on Wednesday.

Quake in California

At 6:47 a.m. on Saturday, September 3, thousands of birds took flight across the state of Oklahoma. Weather radars lit up with blue and green, signifying that a large number of birds suddenly became airborne at nearly the same time. Then at 7:02 a.m., a 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck the state, originating in Pawnee County.
The governor declared a State of Emergency in Pawnee County, the epicenter of the quake, and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission ordered the shutdown of 37 wells in the vicinity. No significant damage or severe injuries were reported.
The number of earthquakes in regions where fracking is occurring has been increasing at an alarming rate. For years, there had been uncertainty as to their origins, but recent research by the USGS concludes that fracking does cause earthquakes. Both the process of breaking up or “fracking” of the rock to extract oil and gas and the injection of wastewater deep below drinking water aquifers are cited.
Fracking has redrawn the earthquake hazard map of the United States and has put many more people at risk. Earlier this year, a study showed that around 7 million people now live and work in areas that are in danger of shaking due to human-induced earthquakes. “The chance of damage from all types of shocks is similar to that of natural earthquakes in high-hazard areas of California,” USGS wrote.
One goal of the report was to help assist threatened communities to prepare for the heightened risk of earthquakes caused by fracking. Government officials and emergency managers will be more informed, and engineers can use the information to evaluate the safety of buildings, bridges, roads and other infrastructure.
Another quake in California: 3.2 magnitude earthquake struck Sudden Valley area, Washington state at 11:50 pm, September 7

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