“Highly qualified military medic”: details about the alleged leader of Navalny’s poisoners have been revealed

Investigators from The Insider, Bellingcat and CNN, who released the names of Russian intelligence officers involved in the poisoning of opposition politician Alexei Navalny, call the group leader Stanislav Makshakov from the FSB Institute of Forensic Science, who is a highly qualified military doctor.

As reported “Jellyfish” With reference to a source who worked in structures related to chemical weapons, Makshakov is now the deputy head of the FSB Research Institute-2 for Science, and previously he worked at the Institute of the Ministry of Defense. According to him, the physician has been dealing with toxicology and toxic substances for many years.

As for his leadership of the group of poisoners, this conclusion was made on the basis of an analysis of his contacts and the chronology of events with Navalny.

It is noted that it was with Makshakov on the eve of the poisoning and in the next few days that all the members of this group called up and exchanged messages especially actively, and he himself promptly contacted two FSB generals – Major General Vladimir Bogdanov, director of the Center for Special Technology of the FSB, and the director of his subordinate Institute of Forensic Science of the FSB by General Kirill Vasiliev.

Investigators from The Insider tracked down Makshakov’s patent on the use of a mustard gas simulator (warfare poison gas) in the exercises. And the journal “Modern Medicine” published his article on the study of “the peculiarities of the effect of anticholinesterase substances on nervous and mental activity when administered in different doses”, as well as the threshold effects of anticholinesterase substances on mammals and the effect of organophosphorus compounds on the central nervous system.

It is emphasized that it was with such a substance that Navalny was poisoned – the German clinic “Charite” diagnosed him with poisoning with cholinesterase inhibitors.

Recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a big press conference, commented on the story of the “patient in a Berlin clinic”, without naming Navalny, saying that if the politician wanted to poison, they would do it. After that, the oppositionist said that Putin “recognized everything” with his answer.

Photo by Bellingcat and Alexei Navalny from social networks.


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Author: Chief Editor