GOOGLE Search Trends Indicate Trump Landslide Victory

Donald Trump Landslide Victory in News Today

With this predictable title “Donald Trump Landslide Victory” in News, we’re starting series of posts how using mass communication and social media data to foresee future President of USA.
A buddy of ours just recently asked if we had actually ever seen a Hillary Clinton lawn sign in real life. After giving it some thought, we recognized that the response to that question was no. And decided to browse Google for keywords with words associated with Trump and election and were amazed by the outcomes.

Without disclosing our address, let’s just say that we reside in an extremely blue state. Shockingly, we have actually never ever in fact seen any houses revealing support for Hillary Clinton. After understanding this, we chose to fire up Google and see exactly what the information appears to be like.

First of all, we wished to see which candidate was getting more searches. Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is definitely squashing it in search frequency. By just how much? Nearly three times as much!Given, typical month-to-month searches are not an indicator regarding who is most likely to win the election. Nevertheless, it does reveal directly how essential it is to have an entirely objective internet search engine that does not prefer one prospect over another.
Next, we wished to compare how typically individuals were googling the expressions “Clinton sign” and “Trump sign.” As anticipated, Trump is destroying Hillary in sign campaign searches too.

Clearly, not everybody who searches for political signs is most likely to buy them. However, it’s quite apparent that Trump has more individuals thinking about supporting his movement versus the variety of people Hillary has supporting her … turn? Regardless, let’s have a look at national sign searches for many years and see which candidates ended up winning.

Kerry vs Bush 2004

Obama vs McCain 2008

One thing that we discovered fascinating was that Romney did have a minor edge over Obama in sign searches.

Obama vs Romney 2012

One day we’ll compare Trump vs Obama. It’ll be fun to see.
Although, if the Trump versus Hillary sign searches looks like anything like the 2008 election, Hillary Clinton is going to lose and she’s most likely to lose huge time.
Moving on, let’s have a look at a couple of more associated search expressions to see if they might suggest a landslide for Trump. The theme we’re most likely to be taking a look at here is all kind of merchandise searches.

Hillary’s Keyword Data

Trump’s Keyword Data

First off, we discover it humorous that “Hillary for prison shirt” is getting more searches than “Hillary bumper sticker.” That Hillary can barely get people to look for her products must be an entirely informing sign that the core population truly has no support for Hillary Clinton. The one thing that we understand for certain is that very few individuals are purchasing her stuff.

Trump might be destroying Hillary in product and slogans or motto searches, however exactly what other search terms could indicate a Trump landslide? Before we carry on to that, we only want you to have a look at the line chart for motto searches. Hillary’s low energy, “I’m with Her” motto has actually hardly seen a blip of development compared with Donald Trump signature slogan Make America Great Again.

How pathetic! The next area we checked out was exactly what the information appears like for how typically people are Googling “Clinton rally,” “Trump rally,” and we even included “Sanders rally” simply for fun. As you can think of, Trump blows Crooked Hillary out of the water. However, what about Sanders? He had countless enthusiastic individuals lining up to see him too, right?

We’re aware that simply due to the fact that people are Googling “Trump rally” it does not always indicate they will go to vote for him. Nevertheless, “Trump rally near me” is more popular than both Hillary and Bernie combined. Sorry, Hillary … nobody wants even to hear you speak.


Clinton and Donald Trump Political Views

In conclusion, we had another word that we wanted to analyze: “policies”. Other than– this time– we wished to fine-tune our search settings to obtain information from each state separately. The conclusion we drew was that the expression “Trump’s policies” was not simply a more popular pursuit in each swing state, however in every state in the union. The closest to equivalent outcomes was Virginia.

Undoubtedly, just because searches about Trump landslide victory on the issues yields more hit results does not indicate people will like his policies much better and go vote for Donald Trump on November 8. We compete the most fascinating thing to eliminate from the above image is that Hillary’s policies have actually lost substantial interest over time.

Lastly, we’re not sure if Google’s information might show a Trump landslide victory. We’re just positive that people– given that Obama has actually taken White House– are bound to be butt hurt by the end of this election.

Author: Hemingway