Germany changes the rules of entry into the country

On Friday, December 18, the popular German newspaper Bild reported that the German government has decided to change the rules of entry into the country from crisis regions outside the Schengen area. The publication has at its disposal a draft resolution, which states that after the introduction of the new order, all those arriving in Germany from these regions will be required to have a certificate of a negative coronavirus test or immunity to COVID-19 before the trip begins.

When entering the Federal Republic of Germany from regions with an unfavorable situation within the Schengen zone, a certificate with the test results or vaccination (immunity) must be presented to the local authorities within 72 hours after crossing the border. The current rule on compulsory quarantine after entering Germany, according to Bild, will be canceled.

Earlier, “FACTS” reported that the German government introduced a hard lockdown until at least January 10.


Author: Chief Editor