Is That Food Organic? Labels Tell You: 3 4 8 9 ???

Is that food organic? What labels tell you: 3 4 8 9 ???
These PLU numbers are the “Product Look-Up Numbers”. The leading number gives you useful information, if you know the code.

Food Organic Codes

I remember the code on fruit and veggies using a simple rhyme.

8, I hate. It’s GMO!
9 is fine. Organic.

All others, like 3 or 4, are neither GMO or organic. They are conventionally grown. This means the growers could have applied poisons to the food, including pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizer. But the food itself is not genetically modified.

8, I Hate.

I never buy food labeled 8, because that’s the one I hate. GMO food has not been sufficiently tested for safety, in my opinion. Where are the studies showing GMO food is safe? And why are companies like Bayer and Monsanto modifying the genetic code in a lab instead of through natural selection?


I have since realized that Evolution is a lie, a false religion. There is no credible evidence to support Evolution. I looked and found none. God has designed all the food that is good to eat. God is perfect and already made the plants be good. Companies that genetically modify the plants for financial gain are going against God’s design and are asking for trouble.
These powerful corporations want to prevent you and me from saving our seeds and growing our own food. They use the government to enforce their patents and to prosecute farmers. There is so much written about this already on the web, so if you want to learn more, a simple search will tell you a lot.


If we buy 3 or 4, we are sure to wash the food thoroughly before cooking or eating. The orange peel above could be saturated with poisons, so I would not use the peel in any recipe.

Mango is conventionally grown

The mango above is not organic. It is conventionally grown. I don’t like that word choice because it sounds so… normal. It is a sad state of our farming practices when it is “normal” to spray food organic intended for human consumption with poison. No wonder people continue to get sicker.

Mango PLU code 4 not organic

If you see on the label a number beginning with a 3 or 4, that food could contain toxins like pesticides and herbicides and could have been grown with synthetic fertilizer from petroleum. I would much prefer a mango that had a PLU code starting with a “9″, which is “fine.”

If an apple is conventionally grown and starts with a 3 or 4, I wash the apple, then peel the skin off and discard. There are probably poisons sprayed on the skin and I do not feel right about feeding that to my family or myself.

9 Is Fine.

PLU code 9 organically grown apple FUJI
Nine is fine. This is the real stuff. It’s food organic, not genetically modified and not coated with poison. This is how food had been grown for thousands of years until the recent changes made by corporations, tainting our food supply with their poisons.
If an apple has the leading digit of “9″… it’s fine…it’s organic.
I read that apple skins are healthy, as long as they are organic without related chemicals. I might eat the apple’s skin if the PLU code starts with “9″. If the PLU code starts with a “3″ or “4″, I will surely discard the apple peel. If the PLU code starts with “8″, which I hate… well, then, that apple would never make it to my house as we wouldn’t buy it.
Know your PLU codes and live healthier and happier.

Nine is fine!

Fuji apple PLU code 9 organic

PLUs that are 4 digits, generally means that the produce was conventionally grown i.e. with pesticides. 5 digit PLUs of the 90000 series are organically grown produce. 5 digit PLUs of the 83000 84000 series was reserved for GMO produce, however since the producers of GMO products don’t have to use this codes and are not required to, the 83000 and 84000 series is now used for any non-organic produce. Bottom line 90000 series of food organic. ALL others GMO and non-GMO.

Author: Hemingway