Donald Trump’s VP Mike Pence Compares Him To Ronald Reagan

Mike Pence, the governor of the US state of Indiana, has actually drawn a direct comparison between presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and former US President Ronald Reagan.

Trump’s vice president made the example in a speech he delivered on Tuesday before the Republican National Convention held in Cleveland, Ohio, stating, the New York entrepreneur reminds him of Reagan.

“I have a sense of this man. I have a sense of his heart. I have a sense of his hands-on style of leadership, and for all the world, he reminds me of Ronald Reagan,” the GOP vice presidential nominee said.
“It happened in 1980, when Ronald Reagan was chosen, that we had a nominee like our nominee this year, who although he had achieved great heights in his career, never lost touch with everyday Americans,” Pence said.

“Ronald Reagan achieved great things in his life and his career, a movie star, a celebrity, governor of the great state of California, but he never lost the common touch, did he?” he added.

Pence also hailed Trump’s achievements, saying, in spite of the fact that the presumptive Republican nominee delights in fame in real estate and entertainment business, he would defend all voters in office.

Pence, 57, was chosen as the governor of the state of Indiana in 2012. Before his current task, he spent 12 years in Washington in the US House of Representatives at the Congress.

“He’s a builder. He’s a fighter. He’s father, and he’s a patriot,… And I submit to you today, having gotten to know this good man who is our nominee, Donald Trump may have achieved great heights in business and industry and in the world of entertainment, but his heart is with everyday Americans, and he will fight every day to strengthen this nation and bring America back,” Pence noted.

Trump is hoping that Pence’s legislative experience in Congress, along with his position as the governor of a Midwestern state, might provide him an edge in the November vote.

Author: Hemingway