Challenge Of The Day: Find The Cat – Not A Phone In This Optical Illusion

Your eyes aren’t tricking you: there is really a cat in this photo, and not even hiding somewhere. However, it will take a depressingly very long time for you to identify her.

Find the Cat – Not a Phone in This Picture

Do you see it? No? Keep looking, zoom in, even. (Promise: there is a cat in the picture).

The picture comes from a Facebook user (via, who noticed that her cat, does an impressive job of hiding in the photo. It’s like a naturally-occurring optical illusion: when you identify it, your eyes are immediately drawn in, and it’s difficult to un-see.
But till you discover it, you’ll be wondering how the hell a feline can be hiding in this simple scene. No, she’s not hiding in the bushes: the only clue you should need is that it’s a good looking cat.

The most current thing driving everyone insane online, rather improbably, includes an iPhone and a carpet. It’s an obvious visual fallacy that’s been shared all over Facebook and left people gazing blankly at their computer screens.

A Facebook user called Jeya May Cruz, apparently in the Philippines, appeared to have actually begun this all when she published an image. An innocuous sufficient start. “Let’s play a game,” she composed. “Look for the mobile phone.”

Find a Phone Not a Cat in This Picture

The image is simply of a carpet, a table and, initially glimpse, nothing else. However someplace in the image lies exactly what appears to be an iPhone, and for many people, it’s almost impossible to find. Since it’s publishing, the impression is so compelling that the post has actually been shared more than 20,000 times.

Your brave author looked at the photo for 25 minutes and grew disappointed after not having the ability to identify the mobile phone, swearing the picture was a trick– that there was, in reality, no phone in the photo– and it was a Facebook post designed to make a fool of the reader. However after cheating and reading through Facebook remarks, your writer discovered the phone, and once you discover it, it’s difficult not to see it.

Author: Hemingway