Breast Cancer Tattoos It’s Not What You Think

Breast cancer tattoos it’s not what you think. It was not inked in honor of someone you love as a way to show solidarity in the face of this disease. They are post-mastectomy tattoos, and we can see gorgeous photos of New Zealand tattoo artists’ work for breast cancer survivors.

Mastectomy Tattoos have their own meanings, and this is the reason why we choose to tattoo on our bodies. This one has a heartbreaking reason….

Some people manage to get out of a difficult situation with dignity, if not, then at least for the benefit of themselves, and this undoubtedly contributes to the hardness of spirit and unwavering faith in the fact that in any case, all will be well! Our story is really about it.


This young woman named Allison Habban from Sydney, was only 36 years old, when, due to breast cancer she underwent a mastectomy (surgery to remove the breast), resulting in the lost nipple and suffered from an impressive scar that remained on her body after surgery.

Now there are many different ways to hide the effects of mastectomy: transplants, implants, artificial nipples, and a lot of other things, but she decided not to go to the doctors. However, she did not like the idea to recreate a nipple through plastic surgery at all. “I did not want a fake nipple made of a piece of flesh. I thought just to make a tattoo.” After some thought, she decided she wanted a tattoo.

Quite a long time Alison was looking for a master pattern of mastectomy tattoos images and a sketch that she would like to see on her body and finally went to New Zealand to a 24-year-old Rose McCullen mastectomy tattoos ink master, who works in a bold, colorful style. As a result, the exhausting 13 consecutive tattoo session hours of painstaking work in an extremely sensitive area of the body in Hamilton, New Zealand tattoo shop. (Instagram name – @MakkalaRoseTattoos)

It would be an exaggeration to say that the mastectomy tattoos images that Alison has posted the Instagram, has become viral, but a lot of people have responded to it, making the woman famous. In most cases, these were positive feedback. But some insta-hoards still have asked Alison, where is her nipple. But there is no post-mastectomy 3d nipple tattoo.

Also, there is one interesting nuance – Alison can show your breast, and it will not conflict with censorship, because in order to impose a ban, it needs to demonstrate the nipples. Perhaps that is why she was able to gather as many likes on Facebook and Instagram. So far more than 26,000 people have done like the picture on Instagram, which has also reproduced dozens of accounts that contain photos with cancer ribbon tattoos.

By the way, tattoos are gaining popularity among the women who have gone through breast cancer. Whatever it was, and a great example of what you should never give up and think that life is over. After all, she can always start anew, and this is enough to make a few steps in the adoption itself. Share this story with others!

Author: Hemingway