Analysts told how the Spanish perception of housing changed during the pandemic

The bulk of the change is related to remote work.

What happened? According to the latest poll by the insurance company Línea Directa Aseguradora, 7.3% of respondents, or 1.3 million Spanish households, admit to having moved from their home after being forced to “incarcerate” in March and April. Among the reasons – the desire for more space (27%), a garden or terrace (22%) and nature nearby (18%), according to the real estate portal Idealista. Therefore, it is not surprising that, for example, Madrid residents are moving en masse to the hinterland.

Meanwhile, 42% of Spaniards recently said they plan to move to another home in the next five years.

Who moved? Among the autonomous communities: the residents of the Balearic Islands (11%) most often wanted to change their homes, followed by residents of Andalusia (10.8%) and Extremadura (10.4%). The least migrants were residents of Madrid (3.4%), Castile-Leon (3.8%) and the Basque Country (4%).

What else?

  • 3.9 million Spanish households (21%) decided to stay in place but change their existing home. Namely, to expand a balcony or terrace (23%), equip a workplace (20%), remodel the bathroom, kitchen and living rooms (59%), and improve thermal insulation (25%). 17.3% have already changed their home, but not globally: rearranged furniture (65.1%), purchased tables for remote work (31.4%) or other interior items (26.5%).
  • The largest group of nonconformists who decided to change their home is the youth. When gender is considered, men prefer to move and women prefer to change décor.
  • The analysis shows that teleworking has become one of the most significant factors influencing the Spanish perception of home in 2020. 42% of respondents said they returned to offline work, 18% either switched to online or use a mixed version. But ideally only 30% of Spaniards would like to work in a team, 24% prefer a mixed model, and 21% want to work remotely.

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