facts about diamonds that you didn't know

5 Facts About Diamonds That You Didn’t Know

#5 The Largest Diamond Was Found In South Africa More Than 100 Years Ago

The largest rough gem-quality diamond ever found at 3106.75 carats 621.35 g

The biggest rough gem-quality diamond ever discovered at 3106.75 carats (621.35 g). It was cut into 105 diamonds consisting of the Cullinan I or the Great Star of Africa, 530.2 carats (106.04 g), and the Cullinan II or the Lesser Star of Africa, 317.4 carats (63.48 g), both of which are now part of the British Crown Jewels.

#4 6,000 Years Ago Diamonds Were Used In China To Polish Axes

Diamond-polished corundum axe from the neolithic Liangzhu culture of ancient China, c. 2500 B.C. (Photos by Peter J. Lu)

Scientists have actually discovered definite proof that the ancient Chinese utilized diamonds to grind and polish ritualistic stone burial axes as long as 6,000 years ago – and exceptionally, did so with a level of ability tough to achieve even with modern-day polishing methods. Using diamonds thousands of years earlier than the gem is known to have been used elsewhere.

#3 Brown Diamonds Look Like Chocolate

Brown diamonds are the most typical color range of natural diamonds in on earth and till recently were utilized just for industrial purposes and for that reason the costs of chocolate diamonds® must not be as high. The brown color makes them less appealing as gems because of the lowered twinkle.
Nevertheless, recently enhanced marketing programs, specifically in Australia and the United States, have actually led to brown diamonds ending up being valued as gems as well as described as chocolate diamonds®.

#2 You Can Become A Diamond Too

LifeGem was the very first U.S. business to establish a method to extract carbon from human remains. LifeGem will supply a long lasting memory that withstands simply as a diamond does. Permanently. You have actually had somebody really unique in your life, and simple words merely will refrain from doing. Your personal LifeGem diamond(s) can be developed from the carbon in cremation ashes, a lock of hair, or both. The business was established in 2001 in Chicago. In 2015, LifeGem had $ 8 million in income. LifeGem’s services are provided at over 580 of the almost 20,000 funeral houses in the United States.

#1 There is A Diamond Planet Not Far Away From Us

The pulsar planet PSR J1719-1438 is most likely composed largely of crystalline carbon, but with a density far greater than diamond. Amazingly the pulsar completes more than 10,000 rotations a minute. It is approximately 12 miles across but has a mass that is 1.4 solar masses and not so far away from us. Only 4,000 light years.

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