23 Things That Only Happen In Dubai

Camels In The Parking Lot

Even though it’s a hot country, you don’t need a fancy Mercedes, Audi or BMW, just buy a Camel – and then park them when you are done riding.

Free Food

Despite the money and crazy luxury that some of the countries enjoys, that’s not everyone. The good news is, Dubai has a policy of giving free food to those who need it.

Exotic Pets

A lot of people in Dubai are pretty darn rich. The people of Dubai already got everything you could possibly want, what else do you spend your money on other than exotic pets such as lions, tigers or cheetahs?

Custom Motorcycles

Did we mention the money in Dubai? Basically, it means that a lot of people can buy anything they like, even if it’s in questionable taste, like this impressive motorcycle!

Traffic Jams With A Difference

The roads in Dubai are just as jam-packed as everywhere else in the world, with one small difference. The cars lined up on these motorways are all supercars!

Even The Cop Cars Are Super

It’s probably to keep up with all the other supercars bombing around Dubai’s roads, but the police are packing some pretty serious horsepower too. They drive Lamborghinis!

Taking Your Pet For A Drive

Having a pet is a serious business, and they need to be well looked after. That includes taking them for a walk at least once a day… but in Dubai’s searing temperatures it’s easier to stay in the air conditioning!


Money Can’t Buy Happiness

When money is really no object, retailers have to keep coming up with more and more bizarre things for the rich to buy. Take this golden mobile phone that costs over $43,000 – wonder what the coverage is like?

Gold ATM

Yeah, we know – ATMs are not different, and they’re not unique to Dubai. But ATMs that give out gold instead of money… yep, that’s definitely different!

Desperate Dads

Can you imagine what would happen if a father anywhere else in the world put an ad in the paper looking for a husband for his daughter? Yeah, it wouldn’t be pretty… but it happens in Dubai.

Enormous Bathrooms

Bathrooms should be luxurious; it’s a place not only to get clean but to relax and unwind. And in Dubai when we say big… we mean big!

Fancy Bedrooms

Bathrooms are one thing, but surely a bedroom needs to at least have a nice bed in it? What about a blooming marvelous bed in a room as big as a house?

The Most Impressive Starbucks In The World

Well, we’ve said it all along – coffee should be worshiped. So why not do as Dubai does and put a Starbucks in what can only be described as a temple?

Exotic Pet Food

We’ve already mentioned those exotic pets, but what shouldn’t be forgotten is that those pets need food. Shark, anyone?

Playing Tennis In The Sky

Tennis is pretty posh as it is (think Wimbledon, think white shorts, think strawberries and cream and Pimm’s), but in Dubai, it is taken to a whole new level. Anyone for high rise tennis (I wouldn’t want to be the ball boy!)?

Rules Must Be Obeyed

Yes, there are indeed some pretty strict rules in Dubai. There are some pretty specific ones too.

Awe Inspiring View

Dubai is one of the most architecturally interesting cities in the world, and that is never more evident when enjoying the views. Do look down!


If you don’t own a supercar in Dubai, how can you possibly get to the office? By paddling a surfboard, of course!

The Culture Clash

Thanks to the magnetic pull of Dubai, cultures often meet there. It makes for a fascinating, potentially awkward, always noticeable culture clash.

Exciting Fashions…

Clothes are a big part of the retail industry in Dubai, but money doesn’t always equal taste. That makes for some… interesting fashion choices.

Marriage Counselling?

As much as Dubai is a cosmopolitan, entirely modern city that caters well to the rich, famous and tourists in general when it comes to its own residents, the rules are a little tougher. Whipping your wife is advised… and not everyone enjoys that sort of thing.

Rich On Top Of Rich

It takes money to buy a supercar. But it takes a whole lot more to buy a supercar and have it delivered by helicopter!

The Double Double Wide

So we know cars are important in Dubai, but did you know just how important? Take a look at this beast!

Author: Hemingway