20 Free Website Analysis And Relationship Marketing Tools For Twitter And Facebook

Popularizing your brand and providing customer care on social media is now mandatory for brands. A large part of a successful social media strategy involves monitoring metrics and analyzing the performance of your posts. As Facebook is the biggest network with their billions of users, it is often the first site brands turn to. Here we collected a few Free marketing tools for Twitter and Facebook. You can also increase your business’s social media shares with our other post 24 Free Online Marketing Tools As Options To Popular Paid Services which had a lot of shares in social media.

Thankfully there is no shortage of Twitter and Facebook Analytics tools to help maximize its potential. Some of these tools offer analysis for multiple social media sites, which makes sense when 89% of brands have multiple social accounts.

Many of the tools in this list often cover more than just Facebook or Twitter, so you may find them useful beyond an investigation of your own Facebook page.

20 Free Marketing Tools for Facebook and Twitter

  1. Save Publishing
  2. Followerwonk
  3. Latest.is
  4. Tweriod
  5. Must Be Present
  6. Facebook Insights
  7. Wolfram Alpha Facebook report
  8. LikeAlyzer
  9. Simply Measured
  10. Sociograph.io
  11. Agorapulse
  12. Cyfe
  13. Quintly
  14. Komfo
  15. Fanpage Karma
  16. Facebook Page Barometer
  17. Quicksprout
  18. Marketing Grader
  19. Rapportive
  20. MentionMapp

Free Twitter Marketing Tools

These tools help you maximize your Twitter presence, from timing to sharing to analysis.

1. Save Publishing

Instantly find phrasing under 140 characters with Save Publishing, a handy bookmarklet that highlights tweetable expressions on your screen. Post to Twitter with one click (or Hootsuite simply by highlighting a passage and clicking the Hootsuite extension)

2. Followerwonk

We hope you’ve already heard of Followerwonk with helpful social media data. In addition to offering lots of super useful data about timing on Twitter, Followerwonk also has some other neat Twitter features, like the ability to compare followers of different accounts like so.

3. Latest.is

It’s not breaking the news. It’s not nonsense hashtags. Latest.is is an automatically generated list of interesting links on Twitter, surfaced through an algorithm that focuses on “the people that always tweet the best links — first” (no, it doesn’t tell you who they are).

4. Tweriod

Tweriod is a free twitter tool that helps you make the most of Twitter by letting you know the best time to tweet for more exposure and replies by analyzing your account. The free analysis will analyze up to 1000 of your followers. Bonus: Once you get your peak times, you can sync your Hootsuite account with them!


5. Must Be Present

A free tool from Sprout Social Must Be Present calculates how often and how quickly you respond to comments and questions on Twitter (in exchange for your email address and a bit of other info).

Free Facebook Marketing Tools

These tools analyze one or more Facebook pages to deliver an analysis or report on your activities — particularly important as Facebook is always changing.

6. Facebook Insights

Of course, the first place to start is Facebook itself, which provides analytics through the Insights platform.

The tool is available to any admin of your company page once you have over 30 fans.

It provides detailed metrics about your posts and the engagement they earn. Audience analysis, including demographic and location breakdown, can help you better understand your fans.

Engagement metrics can be seen in an overview or for each particular post, helping you to understand what type of content works best.

The Likes page breaks this down into paid and organic so that you can analyze the value of your promoted posts. There are further metrics on video views, actions taken on your page and the reach of your posts.

The level of detail is impressive. Even if you choose to employ another Facebook analysis tool, you will probably use that in conjunction with Insights.

7. Wolfram Alpha Facebook report

To analyze your own Facebook account and get lots of interesting data about your connection, the language you use, the times of day you post and more, try Wolfram Alpha’s Facebook report.

8. LikeAlyzer

LikeAlyzer provides you with recommendations and feedback on your company’s presence on Facebook based on metrics including presence, dialogue, action and information.
A simple, free-to-use tool that allows you enter any Facebook page without authorization to measure and analyze its performance.

It gives the page a grade out of 100 and compares this with other pages in the industry. This means you can have a sneaky peek at your competitors’ pages too.
The report includes various sections which each come with a metric and suggestions for improvement.

Metrics like engagement rate, timing, and length of the post all have recommendations to improve your output and help you drive more engagement.

LikeAlyzer is a free tool provided by Meltwater, who also offer more detailed analytics.

9. Simply Measured

Simply Measured has four different free Facebook reports which offer some real insights.

First is the Insights report, which repurposes Facebook Insights data into some great looking graphs. Information includes engagement, reach, stories, post type, impressions, page likes, traffic sources, fan statistics, activity, and demographics.

There is a competitive analysis report, allowing you to compare ten fan pages with up to 250,000 fans. It shows overall comparative metrics in a series of charts, engagement on admin posts, customer service response rates, as well as the top post with a variety of engagement metrics for each.
Next is an in-depth fan page report, with an extensive range of engagement, community, and content metrics.

Top users are sorted by some posts, comments, and total engagement. There is a time of day/week analysis and an analysis of top links, domains, and posts.

The last report concerns content analysis. Features a breakdown of your content, surprisingly enough. Post types, engagement, common keywords and top domains all feature in this report.

Four free reports, but the main suite starts at $500/month.

10. Sociograph.io

SOCIOGRAPH – Analytics for Facebook Groups and Pages. Once you have authenticated, you can analyze any Facebook fan page for free.

It shows the total number of posts, authors, commenters and likers. It also displays the average number of likes, shares and comments per post, the different post types, and the top posts in the chosen timeframe.

You can go all the way back to when the page was first created. Sure, it doesn’t provide a huge amount of actionable data, but it sure looks pretty while it’s calculating it.

11. Agorapulse

Agorapulse offers two free Facebook tools. One allows you to benchmark your page, telling you if your content is performing above average and which metrics require attention. The second allows you to run competitions, quizzes, and sweepstakes on your timeline.

The main suite is a management and engagement tool for several social media accounts, including Facebook.

As you engage through Agorapulse, it tracks your response rate and time to reply. The tool includes the most influential users and the user who talks about you the most.

Detailed reports including page level and timeline level analytics.

You can see a breakdown of paid, organic and viral reach. You can understand which type of content works best, and it has a calculator to work out the ROI of your Facebook marketing. Reports are customizable and can be downloaded as a 20 slide powerpoint presentation.

Two free Facebook tools available. Main suite $29/month with a no-questions-asked refund policy.

12. Cyfe

Cyfe isn’t strictly speaking a Facebook Analytics tool.

It’s an online business dashboard that integrates a broad range of widgets to cover different aspects of your business. The right choice of widgets can include marketing, client data, finance, web analytics, sales, and of course, social media.

In fact, there isn’t just one Facebook widget, but over 50. You can customize your dashboard to display only the data that matters to you, with an impressive degree of segmentation.

You can start with an overview of your page metrics, then dive in deeper with widgets that display stories, posts, views, likes, impressions, check-ins, users by country, adverts and more. You can download reports of your data in various formats.

Cost: Cyfe is free with limited dashboards, a premium account is $19/month.

13. Quintly

Quintly covers Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, but it has a free tool for Facebook analytics. The main suite is another dashboard tool, coming with a standard panel that can be customized to suit your needs.

You can have multiple dashboards to track different clients or customers.

It covers your social profiles and that of your competitors, visualizing data to help you understand the best content and comparative metrics. There is data comprising influencers, customer care, sponsored post detection, content, and more. In fact, the analytics cover over 250 metrics, and reports can be easily generated and customized.

Facebook analytics tool is free. Full suite prices start at $129/month, with a 14-day free trial.

14. Komfo

Komfo offers Facebook analytics that cover the usual suspects: sentiment, demographics, summaries of performance.

You can monitor the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising and track organic social mentions. It has a publishing section so that you can create and schedule posts across multiple social accounts.

It contains the ability to segment your accounts by language or country, so you can still schedule posts if you have multiple language accounts. Has an alerts feature that will notify you of impending problems via SMS.

Cost: A free, simple Facebook analytics tool is offered. A suite of more detailed tools is available, with prices on request.

15. Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is all about competition. Compare two fan pages by entering their names or IDs and see which ones comes out on top.

16. Facebook Page Barometer

Agora Pulse’s Facebook Page Barometer keeps track of how your Facebook performance stacks up against the average performance of 6,000+ pages.

Free Website Analysis Tools

These tools give you an overall look at many different facets of your site or marketing strategy.

17. Quicksprout

QuickSprout is a really comprehensive website audit, social media analysis and competitor report, all in one.

18. Marketing Grader

Hubspot’s Marketing Grader works similarly, offering you an overall look at the health of your marketing efforts in multiple categories.

Free Relationship Tools

These tools focus on connecting with new people and strengthening relationships with existing connections.

19. Rapportive

Make your email work harder for you by installing Rapportive, a Chrome extension that helps you get to know your contacts better by showing their photo, job, company, LinkedIn profile, and recent tweets.

20. MentionMapp

See how any Twitter user is connected to others with MentionMapp, which makes all your connections visual and straightforward to understand and explore.

Author: Hemingway