16 Instagram Fitness Gurus You Should Follow

@BradleyMartyn 1.5M Instagram followers

Bradley Martyn Instagram physical fitness guru is worth following for more than simply his appearances. Sure those fantastic muscles are enough to have any man or woman rushing to the gym, but his Instagram provides more than that. He provides plenty of online programs and uses his Instagram to publish tons of before and after pictures of his clients. There is absolutely nothing more motivating than seeing someone who had farther to reach their goals.


@ScottJurek 116K Instagram followers

Scott Jurek, author of “My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness”
In Eat & Run, Scott opens up about his career and life — as an elite professional athlete and a vegan — and motivates runners at every level. From his Midwestern childhood of hunting, fishing, and cooking for his meat-and-potatoes household, to his early beginnings in running (he disliked it), to his slow transition to veganism and ultrarunning, to his incredible, world-spanning, record-breaking races — Scott’s story reveals the power of an iron will and the importance of thinking of our food as our fuel.


Chock full of incredible, on-the-brink stories of endurance and competition, as well as fascinating science and accessible practical advice — including his own favorite plant-based recipes, Eat & Run will motivate everyone to “go the distance” whether that indicates getting out for that first run, expanding your food horizons, or simply exploring the limits of your own potential.

If you desire to see the stunning side of eating right and exercising, this is the Instagram fitness guru to follow. Scott Jurek is an ultra-marathoner and utilizes his Instagram to show off plenty of gorgeous images of the places he runs. He also publishes lots of pictures for eating fresh and healthy. His stunning food pictures are enough to convince anyone to eat right.


@followthelita 411K Instagram followers


This girl is all about being an active woman. So for great strength training motivation and moves, there is no one better than Lita Lewis. Even much better is that this Instagram fitness guru adds a lot of humor to keep your spirits high even as her exercises kick your butt.


@kayla_itsines 5.4M Instagram followers

Kayla Itsines & @tobi_pearce Creators of the #BBG program. NEW APP ‘Sweat With Kayla’ OUT NOW

If you are aiming to get in shape or remain in shape one of the very best incentives is to have lots of photos of people who are already in fit. Even much better if those images come with exercises and healthy eating tips to help you stay on track. Heck toss in a couple of motivational quotes and you’re set. These Instagram physical fitness gurus will give you just what you are trying to find.


@muffintopless 153K Instagram followers

Savannah Rose Neveux Creator of Le Blog Muffin Topless Health & Fitness Entrepreneur Certified Personal Trainer. Savannah Rose Neveux is a great Instagram fitness guru because she got where she is after following her own weight loss journey. Now she focuses her time on encouraging others to reach their objectives through strength training. Follow her to find out how to get the most out of your fitness center time, get fitness obstacles, new exercises and get plenty of advice and motivation.


@bikinibodymommy 167K Instagram followers

Briana Christine Founder BIKINI BODY MOMMY. 100LB Transformation Success Story Author YouTuber Mom of 4!

Briana Christine is a fantastic Instagram fitness expert for moms due to the fact that she is everything about her own kids and fitting in exercises, even if it suggests the children participate. She publishes recipes, workouts and as well as has an entire bikini body mommy training schedule that she shares entirely for free so others can reach their strength and weight-loss objectives too.


@bellafalconi 2.5M Instagram followers

Bella Falconi ISSA Certified Trainer Nutritionist. If you desire to fill your feed with healthy eating ideas, the inspiration for exercises and lots of looks into the life of a personal fitness instructor, then Bella Falconi is the physical fitness guru to follow. She is everything about keeping herself and her customers in shape, so she publishes a lot of pictures and tips to keep anyone on track. You’ll also see a few fitness center mirror selfies to get you off the coach and off to the health club.


@nicolewinhoffer 76K Instagram followers

Nicole Winhoffer Unicorn of the Fitness World NW Method Blends Art Science Music and Sports to calm the mind, transform the body and free the soul.

This global fitness artist and trainer are one of the most unique Instagram fitness gurus to follow. She supports the belief that fitness is art and one look at her pictures, and you’ll see why. Each one shows exercise as a stunning work of art and it is sure to get you motivated.


@mariepurvis 49K Instagram followers

Marie Purvis Nike Master Trainer. “Life is Dynamic, Train for it.”

This Instagram fitness expert is a Nike NTC Global and Master Trainer Marie Purvis. Her images are everything about providing terrific workout ideas and challenging her fans to work out just like her clients. Viewing as he trains top celebrities and professional athletes you would be a good idea to follow exactly what she has to state if you desire a body that is all set for the big time.


@natalieuhling 60K Instagram followers

Creator of NUFit, Under Armour Athlete, DBC Master Trainer

If it is the motivation you need, then Natalie Uhling is the Instagram fitness guru that you have to follow. This elite radius trainer knows that workouts are hard, but she also knows how to motivate her clients (and you) to rise to the challenge. If you want someone that is going to give you plenty of life changing quotes, photos and inspiration then click follow now.


@bjgaddour 128K Instagram followers

BJ Gaddour Fitness Director for Men’s Health Magazine

It is always crucial that when you do an exercise, you do it right. So that makes this Instagram fitness guru a vital one to follow. He takes you step by step through workouts you should be doing if you want to have a firm and toned body, so you will have the self-confidence to understand that you are doing it right. He is the author of Your Body is Your Barbell.


@TracyAndersonMethod 242K Instagram followers

Tracy Anderson is a widely known trainer of celebrities, and her classes are attended by just the most devoted celebs and professional athletes. While the majority of people most likely cannot afford her pricey classes at high-end fitness centers, her Instagram profile provides images of her moves. So you can get some of the workouts and advice from this Instagram fitness guru without the high price tag, all you need to do is click follow.


@Shauna_Harrison 79K Instagram followers

Shauna Harrison, Ph.D. Public Health. Fitness. Yoga. Hip Hop. Sports. Shauna Harrison is everything about fitness, yoga, and overall health. This Instagram fitness guru is a yogi with a favorable outlook on like that will have you smiling your whole way to the health club or the yoga mat. She provides plenty of inspirational quotes and however it is her personality and positive outlook that is so contagious and fun.


@fitknitchick_1 2.1K Instagram followers

Tamara Grand Personal Trainer Online Fitness Coach Freelance Writer Fitness Over 40 Educating, inspiring and training women for the sport of life! If you actually want to get quick results, and you don’t want to spend hours at the health club then Tamara Grand is the Instagram fitness master for you.
She even developed a Spartacus exercise program just for Instagram. These brief but intense workouts are going to have remarkable results, and they get harder as your fitness level boosts.


@jencomas 10.5K Instagram followers

Jen Comas SNAP: I help women become stronger and healthier so they can live their best lives. Motor(cycle) and left-turn enthusiast.

If your issue with working out is that you just don’t know what do or what exercising you need to do, then Jen Comas Keck is the Instagram fitness master for you to follow. She publishes her workouts due to the fact that she desires her followers to know that she exercises hard because she loves her body, not because she dislikes it. She wants health and fitness to be fun and easy for everybody.


@TrainerPaige 8.1K Instagram followers

TrainerPaige Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach.

This is a terrific Instagram fitness master for someone who is busy and really does not think they can work out. She publishes how to be efficient in the gym and how to be active outside the fitness center. She offers an entirely positive and healthy lifestyle in a way that does not seem overwhelming. She also posts lots of workouts if you need somebody to help guide you through your health club time.

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