10 Amazing Pictures Taken At Just The Right Moment

n image is said to be worth 1,000 words, but sometimes there are those that only leave you speechless and you may not have seen them before.

Whether it’s because a photographer was both patient enough and talented to wait for the perfect shot or because the stars aligned for that once-in-a-lifetime spontaneous photo, it leaves you shaking your head in wonder — like these ten amazing pictures.

They are done with the nest. This is about 24 hours after they hatch. The mother duck speaks to them while they’re still in an egg, they hear her voice, know her as a mother, and then the mother jumps out and coaxes them by calling to them from below. They never return. Now on to the water. Under supervision of the parent they hurry to reach the near reservoir where there are finding shelter and food. Awesome base jumping. Leap of faith! That isn’t flying, it’s falling with style. “I believe I can flyyyy”. First flight like a paratrooper. They are so light that they just bounce on the ground. Mandarins are perching ducks, so they’re pretty adept at doing this, however, some Mallards will also do this, but when ducklings hatch, they’re quite literally shoved off the branch and have to wait for the mother to fall usually onto them.

Author: Hemingway