Meaningful Tattoos From South Korean Tattoo Artist

If you want to get tattoos with meaning, there are a lot of apparent locations to search out the motivation to get meaningful tattoos. Pinterest and Instagram are teeming with fresh concepts – but after a while, it starts feeling like we’ve seen every re-pinned or liked tattoo styles on the sites. That is why we usually visit the feeds of celeb tattooists like Jon Boy and Dr. Woo if we wish to see the latest designs. However this week, we found an account that quickly made us forget about each tattoo feed we’ve seen. We now understand that the one to view is South Korean artist Hongdam, whose feather tattoo sketches are bound to win you over.

Meaningful Tattoos From South Korean Tattoo Artist

While Hongdam’s delicate needlework seems to stem from his art school training and personal style, there’s another aspect to the subtlety of his designs. Tattoo culture is still in its emerging phases in South Korea, where it’s technically unlawful to get inked unless you go to a doctor, only certified physicians are allowed to perform what they consider medical treatment. Having said that, any tattoo artist in South Korea is susceptible to being prosecuted by the local authorities. However, that’s not stopping them from keeping doing what they love. This South Korean tattoo artist is implied to place on your list when you reserve that flight to Seoul! But with talent like Hongdam on the rise – and sharing designs on Instagram and Pinterest – we’ll absolutely be keeping our eyes on the country’s leading tattoo artists. In the meantime, browse a few of his best styles below. (P.S., we desire them all).

Meaningful Tattoos

Meaningful Tattoos From South Korean Tattoo Artist

A choice of the delicate meaningful tattoos designs of Hongdam, a skilled Korean artist based in Seoul who oscillates between minimalist styles and accurate and comprehensive illustrations. A lovely and poetic work!

Meaningful Tattoos From South Korean Tattoo Artist

This talented South Korean tattoo artist is hailing from The Land of the Morning Calm!

We like Hongdam’s versatility in tattoos. Regardless of their propensity to endeavor other tattoo styles, Hongdam is an ace with watercolor and fine line meaningful tattoos which are perfect for that subtle feel.

Meaningful Tattoos From South Korean Tattoo Artist

Hongdam’s tattoo designs won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. He’s got this distinct touch that we don’t see really typically, giving traditional tattoos his own spin. We can only describe it as Doodle fulfills semi-primitivism, with the random etchings, parse pop of colors and a flair for laid-back vibes.

The thing we like the most about Hongdam’s works is the revitalizing palette he uses for his works. Head over to his feed to understand exactly what we’re talking about. It’s primarily about toned-down hues rather than the usual lively ones typical in traditional American pieces. Aside from trades, Hongdam likewise does a bit of blackwork once in a while – and nails it.

Meaningful Tattoos From South Korean Tattoo Artist Hongdam leukoplakia cover-up

Hongdam’s feed is a sweet subtlety wonderland of meaningful tattoos. Everything about his work is entirely captivating. Like a lot of South Korean artists, he also makes use of the fine line technique which fits right in with his design. These are the simple tattoos even your tight arse mom simply might learn how to like.

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